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Water and Wastewater

Public Drinking Water: MECO is a leader throughout Missouri and Central Illinois in the specialized discipline of potable water engineering. Our professionals provide sound engineering solutions for groundwater and surface water supply and treatment requirements to meet regulatory compliance; distribution systems, pumping facilities, and water storage needs. Our services include planning, studies and reports, rate studies, design, computer‐aided design drafting (CADD), SCADA system design, computer modeling for water hydraulic analysis and pipe network analysis, on‐site flow monitoring testing/demonstrations and training, land surveys, easement and land acquisition assistance, project management, bidding services, and complete construction phase services.   Our clients include municipalities, rural water districts, co‐operatives, wholesale water commissions, educational institutions, the State of Missouri, and clients representing the private sector.

Specialized Water Engineering services include:

  • Preliminary Engineering Reports/Feasibility Studies/Facility Plans
  • Five-Year Owner Supervised Program Reports
  • Full Service Design
  • Water supply (surface and ground water)
  • Raw water transmission main
  • Waterline Distribution Systems
  • New, Extensions, Replacements, Relocations
  • Water treatment plant expansion/upgrades/rehabilitation (surface and groundwater)
  • New water treatment plant construction (surface  and groundwater supplies)
  • Raw water intakes
  • Water Storage Facilities (elevated and ground storage)
  • Booster pumping stations
  • Emergency Back-Up/Standby Generators (Various fuel types)
  • Cost Estimates
  • Control Systems/Monitoring/Telemetry/SCADA
  • Computer-aided design drafting (CADD)
  • Computer modeling for water hydraulic analysis and pipe network analysis
  • Rate studies/TMF Analysis
  • On-site flow monitoring testing/demonstrations and training
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Engineering
  • Construction Observation
  • Construction management
  • Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Wasterwater Planning:  As a consulting firm, wastewater facility planning has been a primary element of our civil department. Preliminary Engineering Reports and Facility Plans provide an in‐depth study which provides recommended treatment options for the client. The main objective of a Preliminary Engineering Report or Facility Plan is to provide recommendations to the client for regulatory compliance; however, we also strive to provide planning for facilities that will be “operator friendly”, both in the ease of operability and maintenance and in overall efficiency and operating costs, saving energy and costs whenever and wherever possible. This is critical in today’s economic market and ecological environment.

Our wastewater engineers keep up to date on the new emerging technologies introduced to meet new and proposed standards and regulations; however, we do not abandon the use of traditional systems that have proven themselves throughout their long period of service if their use is applicable and deemed suitable.

Facility planning evaluates the watershed or watersheds that will best be served by the wastewater treatment facility. Planning includes projected growth patterns for a specified area or region. The plan evaluates projected growth in the geographical direction our proposed growth and expansion, based on available data.  The purpose of facility planning is to globally evaluate dependable options that are appropriate to the individual client’s needs. Reports are prepared with a minimum 20‐year strategic planning horizon. This long‐range planning period is critical to forecasting future system needs and to the development of appropriate solutions and financing options. Federal and state permit requirements are incorporated into the planning to determine suitability and if each alternate is capable of meeting the minimum state and federal clean water standards. Project cost estimates are developed for each viable option for comparative analysis and user rates are evaluated.

Financing options, including multiple funding partner scenarios, are presented for review and discussion.  With this in‐depth information and our guidance, the client is able to make an informed and educated decision and present these outcomes with confidence to their customers.

Specialized Wastewater Engineering Services include:

  • Preliminary Engineering Reports/Studies/Facility Plans
  • Site selection/development
  • Design
  • Computer‐aided drafting/design (CADD)Sanitary sewer collection ‐ gravity and pressurized)
  • Sanitary sewer transportation – lift stations and force mains (pumping)
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems for municipal, commercial, industrial applications
  • New construction or expansion/rehabilitation
  • Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), mechanical plants, re‐circulating sand filters, Aerated and stabilization lagoons, Sequential Batch Reactor SBR), oxidation ditch systems, land application systems, mechanical plants
  • On‐site systems ‐ specialized to meet needs
  • Land Survey (Boundary/Topographic)
  • Cost estimating
  • Multi‐agency coordination, including funding agencies (CDBG/USDA‐RD/MDNR‐SRF/CDAP/IEPA)
  • Financing options planning assistance, including Lease Purchase Programs
  • Permit applications (Utility/MDNR/IEPA/US Army Corps of Engineers/Road/MoDOT/IDOT/Rail/local/state/federal FEMA FIRM map revisions)
  • Archeological and Geotechnical engineering report evaluations
  • Rate Studies
  • Project Management
  • Construction phase services
  • Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Familiarity with Design Requirements:   As a municipal and water district engineer, MECO brings exceptional expertise, knowledge and experience to our public drinking water projects.  You will directly benefit from our Team’s depth of knowledge relating to drinking water regulatory and design standards.   We are able to offer unparalleled expertise in regard to our knowledge and experience with the Missouri State Design Guide for Drinking Water and the 10 States Standards that no other Team can match.

As a member of the Water/Wastewater Project Teams, Engineer Manager Jerry L. Lane, PE provides his expert input and guidance regarding compliance with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources design standards.  Mr. Lane formerly served as the Director of the Drinking Water Branch, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, holding that position for 18 of his 34 years at the Department.   Mr. Lane is experienced in writing and interpreting state and federal requirements and their impact on cities and districts that are dealing with increasingly complex compliance requirements.  During his tenure at the Department, he co-authored the nationally recognized 10 States Standards for waterworks design, and the state design guide for water systems.  As an engineer with the state drinking water program, he reviewed and approved engineering reports, plans and specifications for water facility construction projects.  He participated in developing and administering several EPA requirements within the state, including the state’s low interest loan program for public drinking water systems and the model emergency response plan for water systems.

Throughout his career, Mr. Lane’s focus has been to assist water system managers to understand and comply with increasing government requirements.  Mr. Lane has been involved in drinking water quality, water resources, water treatment, water distribution, water system security, emergency response planning, and financial concerns for water systems.  Mr. Lane remains in close personal contact with project managers and directors at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, which becomes very important as projects go through the approval and permitting process with the Department.

Leland D. Neher, PE is a highly regarded environmental engineer, providing his expertise and experience to our Sanitary and Wastewater Treatment Project Teams.  Mr. Neher brings thirty years of environmental engineering to MECO Engineering.  An extensive work history with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources makes Mr. Neher a valuable asset in understanding and meeting state and federal project requirements.  He also has many successful wastewater design projects in his resume.  Examples of these projects include the design of wastewater treatment facilities, sewage pump stations, small community wastewater facilities and on-site wastewater disposal systems.

In his capacity as a supervisor with the Department, his responsibilities included personnel management, project assignment and problem solving.  He maintained internal department and external relationships with municipal officials, consulting engineers, the EPA, attorneys and projects biologists/geologists.  Mr. Neher was the Missouri representative to the “10 States Standards” wastewater committee which  produced the nationally known 10 Standards used  in whole or part by up to eighteen states for regulatory purposes. He organized stakeholder groups, conducted public meetings and wrote the Department’s regulations for the following rules:

  • Disposal of Wastewater in subdivisions
  • Onsite Systems (rescinded with a majority of the requirement
  • included in the Department of health’s onsite standards)
  • Design of Small Sewage Works <22,500 GPD
  • Rough drafts of 10CSR20-8.110-8.220, commonly known as the large design guide for all flows greater than 22,500 GPD

Mr. Neher oversaw the important engineering unit of the Financial Services Section of the Department of Natural Resources State Revolving Loan and Grant Programs. In this capacity he reviewed and approved engineering reports, plans, specifications, environmental reviews, change orders, and inspections.  His work included the documentation for the Chapter 8 changes relating to the Fiscal and Regulatory Impact analyses. He supervised the review and approval of projects totaling  more than $100 million annually.

As MECO’s Environmental Engineer, Mr. Neher will work directly with Project Engineers on their wastewater design projects to provide design information, analysis, and assistance in communications with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Clean Water Program