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Marion County officials dedicate new bridge near Withers Mill

By Edward Husar Herald-Whig Posted: Jul. 30, 2018 8:50 pm Updated: Jul. 30, 2018 9:03 pm HANNIBAL, Mo. -- Residents of the...

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Hannibal to replace Mark Twain Lighthouse entirely with new lighting component

By Ashley Szatala Herald-Whig Posted: May. 15, 2018 9:40 pm Updated: May. 15, 2018 10:10 pm HANNIBAL, Mo. -- Last May the...

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Project Management, Construction Phase Services, QC/QA

MECO offers full service project management and construction phase services, including contract administration, construction engineering, construction observation and management.   The Project Manager oversees his experienced and skilled Project Team, assembled specifically to meet the required tasks and individual needs of each project. All team members, including sub‐consultants, report directly to the Project Manager who is responsible for the completion of tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Working with the client, the Project Manager develops a project schedule (including construction phase) and project budget and monitors both to ensure project progress and compliance.

The Project Manager is generally the client’s Point of Contact, providing ease of communication for the client and continuity throughout all phases of the project. This approach minimizes confusion and the risk of transfer of incorrect or incomplete information.

Construction Phase Services

MECO promotes the successful completion of your construction project by providing professional construction management and observation services. Our Team of experienced and qualified construction technicians (Resident Project Representatives ‐ RPR) provides on‐site services for a wide range of civil, public works, structural, bridge, mechanical and electrical engineering projects. Our construction technicians are skilled and highly qualified to provide these specialized services. Construction materials and workmanship are reviewed for compliance with approved plans.

MECO is a pre‐qualified engineering firm for MoDOT LPA projects. Our construction technicians are pre‐qualified to be on‐site by various Missouri and Illinois funding agencies, including MoDOT and USDA-RD. Our technicians are MoDOT certified for concrete and asphalt, completing MoDOT Concrete Field Certification Courses. They also attend the annual asphalt conference to keep up‐to‐date on new and emerging technologies relating to asphalt roadway design and construction.

Our Construction Management and Construction Observation Services provide clear leadership throughout the construction phase. Through our Construction Management services, we develop and monitor construction schedules to ensure compliance with regulatory and funding agency requirements and project progress.

MECO provides all aspects of project / construction management including:

  • Review of plans and specifications
  • Coordinate and manage Project Team
  • Coordinate bidding/pre-bid meetings and walk-throughs
  • Attend pre-construction and progress meetings
  • Site visits (daily/weekly/etc. as contracted)
  • Traffic control planning
  • Verify project schedule
  • Coordinate permits
  • Review/Approve pay request applications, Review/Approve Change Orders
  • Prepare daily / weekly logs of construction events (as required of specific project)
  • Coordinate project “walk-through” to determine substantial completion and development of punch list
  • Final project review for punch list completion, project close-out

Look to MECO Engineering to meet your construction phase requirements for your next utility or building project.  Please ask us about these important services for your next design and construction project.

Quality Control / Quality Assurance (QC/QA) Program

In order to meet our client’s expectations, MECO is committed to quality and service at every level. One mechanism that assists us with achieving this goal is the administration of a Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program.

Document Review Process: In order to meet appropriate standards of the regulatory and funding agencies, work-in-progress documents are subject to review by our in-house QC/QA Team, including development of Facility Plans and during preliminary design and final design.  A general review of the overall project approach and design philosophy is completed by a designated QA/QC Team.  Reviews at conducted at specific phases, generally at 50%  and 90% completion, to ensure the effort is progressing in accordance with the project scope and the work follows sound engineering practices.  Each review includes an evaluation of the project contract budget to maintain cost control.   The QC/QA review helps to ensure that projects progress according to agreed upon schedules.  It provides a method of tracking the tasks that have been performed, what tasks remain to be completed, and the time left prior to project deadlines.  MECO’s QC/QA Program was adopted March 2007.

Design / Document Preparation / Construction Phase:  MECO engages in quality control/quality assurance procedures and protocols during design and document preparation, and throughout the construction phase of our projects.  Program components include:

  • Design phase review
  • Cost estimate calculation review
  • Establishment of and adherence to standardized plan sheets, design details, and construction specifications
  • Computer Aided Design Drafting (CADD) Standards
  • Development and adherence to construction phase protocols
  • Project review process / adherence to project schedule/timelines
  • Project progress tracking and documentation system
  • Budget review