Pittsfield Water Plant

Pittsfield Water Plant

The City of Pittsfield, Illinois undertook a major water system improvements project in 2009 to provide a safe and reliable drinking water supply to their community.

In order to meet state and federal standards for drinking water, the City realized the need to replace their existing surface water supply (lake), with a ground water supply provided through a new alluvial well field, including two 1,000 GPM wells, (approximately 95 feet), submersible pumps, elevated platforms, piping and electrical.

The new ground water supply is treated by a new 1,000 GPM Ion‐Exchange ground water softening plant. A new SCADA system links all systems and facilities to monitor and control the operations. A diesel‐powered emergency backup generator provides backup emergency power to the two new wells, and a diesel‐powered generator provides emergency power to fully operate the new water treatment plant during power outage events. New transmission mains transport raw water to the new plant for treatment. A new finished water main, connecting the plant to the existing distribution system, was constructed to deliver processed water supply to consumer.

The $9.5 million dollar project (multiple contracts) was completed May 20, 2011 when the water treatment plant officially went on‐line. The system improvements project provides the citizens of Pittsfield with a new safe and reliable drinking water supply.