Land Surveying

The surveyor plays an active and important role in project development, drafting and design, working closely with the Design Engineer. We approach Project Development with a comprehensive perspective with the understanding that preliminary and final design are directly related and affected by site requirements. The initial survey is integral to the design process as site specific information is gathered and transferred to the Engineer for evaluation. Our design team is skilled and proficient in AutoCAD Civil 3D, providing an efficient and accurate transfer to data for preliminary and final design, construction staking and record drawing at the end of the project. Our Land Survey Department can meet all of your survey requirements, regardless of size and scope.

Engineering Surveys

These surveys are performed specifically to obtain information essential for the engineering and design of a project and may include topographic surveys, boundary surveys, and/or underground utility locate surveys.

Boundary Surveys

Performed by the Professional Land Surveyor to identify and mark the exact locations of real property boundaries. This work is required for various reasons, including boundary disputes, subdividing of property, acquisition of property by a public utility or others, and prior to the engineering design and construction of improvements. These projects can be as simple as constructing a new fence along a property line to major projects including buildings and other facilities. Corner monuments will be set and stakes will identify the boundary lines.

A detailed plat map identifying the location of the monuments, existing utilities/structures, existing street right-of-way, utility easements, or other easements, site measurements, and property line demarcation will be prepared and properly recorded.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys and subsequent maps prepared from the collection of field data provides the designer with existing conditions and features of the land, identifying the location of property lines, existing structures, streets, curbs, other drainage facilities, sidewalks, above ground utilities and related facilities, ponds/lakes/streams, trees and other features present on site, and volumetric calculations. Contour lines identify the slope of the land and drainage patterns. Topographic surveys are utilized during the design of various projects, including pipelines, streets and roads, sidewalks, trails, storm drainage systems/facilities and other applications as deem appropriate.

Construction Surveys/Construction Site Staking

In addition to the surveying we perform for projects designed by our firm, we offer concise, accurate and reliable construction survey and staking services to a variety of clients, including contractors, consulting engineers, builders and developers, providing free cost estimates for the proposed work.

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