Fayette MRWA Wastewater Plant of the Year

The City of Fayette was awarded the 2015 MRWA “Wastewater Plant of the Year” March 3, 2015 at the spring meeting of the Missouri Rural Water Association (MRWA) in Branson, Missouri. Accepting the award on behalf of the City were Danny Dougherty and Angie Malone. MECO extends our congratulations to the City for this great award.

MECO Engineering is the City Engineer for the City of Fayette. The following is a description of the project and we are very proud to have been a part in this success. Since the plant went on-line January 2010, the City wastewater department personnel have maintained the facility to the highest of standards, showing pride in their plant and in their city.

In 2005, the City requested MECO to prepare a Wastewater Facilities Master Plan to investigate options for improvements to the wastewater lagoon, and in 2006 charged MECO with the task of designing a new wastewater treatment plant, based on the recommendations of the Facility Plan. Financing of the $4.5 million dollar project was a cooperative effort between state and federal funding partners, including grants from the Community Development Block Grant Program ($500,000) and the USDA-RD Program ($892,500), with the balance of the project financed with low-interest loans obtained from the USDA-RD Program. Bids were received in December 2008, with the low bid accepted at $4,406,505.60. Construction began March 2009 and all project activities were completed and the plant went on-line January 2010.

Project Description: Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Conversion w/Disinfection

Project Activities: The three-cell aerated lagoon was converted to a 1.5 MGD advanced aeration and mixing process with a new coarse screening structure, spiral screen system, influent and effluent flow monitoring and UV disinfection. A new headworks building, a blower building and UV building was constructed. The project included a new motor control center (MCC) and the entire plant is now linked to the lab through the new SCADA system, improving operations, efficiency, and effluent flow monitoring.