City of Boonville

City of Boonville


MECO Engineering is the city engineer for the City of Boonville. That is a responsibility that Scott Vogler, specifically, and the team of professionals that support him take very serious. They have taken the time and interest to know Boonville, know Boonville’s staff, know Boonville’s assets and benefits, know Boonville’s problems and potential problems. MECO Engineering is providing a steady, guiding hand as Boonville struggles through the morass EPA and DNR current and potential water and wastewater rules and regulations.

MECO Engineering, as a firm, and the professionals that work there have an industry wide reputation for competence and integrity. Those key traits have proven to be a significant benefit to the City of Boonville.

For a community the size of Boonville dealing with water and wastewater permit requirements is a challenge. MECO Engineering brings engineers of considerable experience and acumen to deal with our challenges. Engineers of noted professional standing, specifically, Jerry Lane lead in allowing Boonville to meet challenges.

MECO Engineering has provided a full range of surveying, mapping and civil engineering services. Varied projects including; stormwater improvements, street complete rebuilds, street paving, water and sewer line new construction and replacement, sanitary sewer lift stations, water pressure booster pump station and elevated water tank, water and wastewater plant improvements, building structural evaluation, residential and commercial development review for planning and zoning, municipal planning mapping services.

“Responsiveness”; when called on in an emergency or critical situation MECO Engineering is ready with the most talented and experienced staff to solve the problem

MECO Engineering understands the paper jungle of state and federal grant administration.

The surveying services provided by MECO Engineering are known for attention to detail and accuracy. Those surveying services have set a high benchmark to which City of Boonville gage all other surveyors.

“Confidence”; inspection services provided by MECO Engineering instill confidence in the client. The City of Boonville’s interest are fully attended to during the construction of a project, no matter how complicated.

M. L. Cauthon III, Director of Boonville Public Works