MECO Engineering Company Hannibal Office personnel Brad Fohey and Alex Dunker were working in Howard County Wednesday September 25, 2013, planning the route for a new water transmission main for the Howard County Regional Water Commission’s water project.

Brad, a senior technician, and Alex, an engineer, were crossing a creek off of Highway 5, just north of County Road 303 when Alex discovered a truck lying on its side in the creek. When he went to investigate, Alex found a severely injured man trapped inside. Alex and Brad immediately called 911 and stayed with the victim until rescue teams arrived. Arriving on scene were the Howard County Sheriff’s Department and the Howard County Fire Protection District.

As rescue squads used equipment to extricate the victim from the overturned vehicle, Alex and Brad cleared a path from the creek to the roadway, chopping trees and brush and removing debris. Once the victim was removed from the wreckage, the rescue team made their way out of the creek up to the highway and to the Staff for Life helicopter. The accident victim was transported to University of Missouri for emergency treatment.

The Howard County Fire Protection District and the Howard County Sheriff’s Department extend their gratitude and a huge thank you to Alex and Brad for their actions that day, starting with their call to 911. With the thick tree cover, the accident scene was not visible from the highway and the victim, 27 year old Russell Suggs of Fayette, had been trapped in the vehicle for several hours before being noticed by Alex. Without Alex and Brad’s assistance, the wreckage might have gone unnoticed. Without their assistance, a District Fireman said it would have been nearly impossible to remove Russell from the wreckage and get him safely up to the highway for air transport.

The MECO family is extremely proud of the actions taken by Alex and Brad that eventful day and we extend our heartfelt wishes to Russell for a speedy and full recovery.

Fayette Water Tower

Fayette Water Tower

As the City of Fayette’s City Engineer, we were charged with the planning and design of a new elevated water tower to facilitate improved delivery of the potable water supply into the distribution system through increased storage capacity, improved flow, and stabilization of pressures. An immediate benefit was enhanced fire protection capability provided by the additional storage and operability of the system. The 500,000 Gallon Single Pedestal Storage Tank was located to provide the best meet the needs of the area served by the new tank. Hydraulic calculations proved the tank would provide optimum functionality at this location, floating with the city’s existing elevated tanks, and improving pressures and flows within the system.

Bob’s Creek Wastewater Plant

Bob’s Creek Wastewater Plant

Bob’s Creek Waste Water Plant sewer collection and wastewater treatment project was located in Winfield, Missouri in Lincoln County. This project included the design/construction of a new force main system to connect the existing system and new customers to a new wastewater treatment plant. MECO Engineering developed a Facility Plan, Survey, Engineering Design, Structural, MEP (Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing) including HVAC, motor control center/SCADA, Plans, Specifications, Cost Estimates, Bidding and Award Phase Coordination & Assistance, Project Coordination, Project Management, Construction Management, Construction Observation, and Contract Administration.

This state of the art 1.5 MGD Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment plant is under roof (except for headworks) and includes the filter room, offices, chemical laboratory, pump room, and motor control center. MECO prepared the Preliminary Engineering Report and Facility Plan for this project which was the basis of the design plan for the new facility. MECO provided engineering and technical assistance to the District for their direct purchase of equipment for the new plant.

This portion of the project included construction of 5,020 LF 10” SDR; 7,800 LF 8” SDR; and 19,050 LF 6” SDR; one new duplex submersible pump station with stand‐by dieselpowered generator. MECO personnel provided assistance to the District with the acquisition of permanent easements for the sanitary sewer collection system.

The original sewer district was formed in May 1998 with the construction of a force main system and three‐cell facultative wastewater treatment lagoon, providing service to 358 connections. With the construction of the new system and MBR treatment plant, the District has expanded to provide service to nearly 2,000 customers.

ABS Water Co-Operative

ABS Water Co-Operative

The ABS Water Co‐Operative relocated their base of operations from Camp Point, IL to Clayton, IL to provide improved customer service and consolidation of its maintenance and operations center to one convenient location. MECO led the design team, with architectural services provided by Hannibal architect Michael P. Kettelkamp.

The attractive steel, pre‐engineered ADA accessible building has a brick façade and metal standing‐seam roof, and high‐efficiency HVAC system and lighting. Landscaping, concrete parking lots and drives completed the project. The office interior includes an entrance foyer, the customer service area, administrative offices, restrooms, and a conference room for meetings and events.

The maintenance portion of the building includes vehicle maintenance bay and equipment, restrooms, and storage area for meters, pumps, and various supplies required for the daily operations of the Co‐Operative’s water system. The cost to construct the 3,927 square foot building was $495,000 and was constructed by Schlipman Construction, Inc. of Quincy, IL.


City of Bowling Green

City of Bowling Green


MECO Engineering has provided professional engineering services to the City of Bowling Green since 1985. Throughout that time, the City has utilized MECO Engineering’s consultant services for a large variety of projects including various studies, sewer system design, water system design, sidewalk design, storm drainage design, mapping, surveying, plan review, and other miscellaneous projects.

A water system improvement project with incorporated five (5) separate construction contracts was successfully completed in 2011. MECO Engineering performed a study, completed the design and executed the construction management duties for all aspects of the project. While overseeing this $3.7 million project for the City of Bowling Green, MECO demonstrated its capacity to effectively work on several other projects for the City concurrently.

City of Boonville

City of Boonville


MECO Engineering is the city engineer for the City of Boonville. That is a responsibility that Scott Vogler, specifically, and the team of professionals that support him take very serious. They have taken the time and interest to know Boonville, know Boonville’s staff, know Boonville’s assets and benefits, know Boonville’s problems and potential problems. MECO Engineering is providing a steady, guiding hand as Boonville struggles through the morass EPA and DNR current and potential water and wastewater rules and regulations.

MECO Engineering, as a firm, and the professionals that work there have an industry wide reputation for competence and integrity. Those key traits have proven to be a significant benefit to the City of Boonville.

For a community the size of Boonville dealing with water and wastewater permit requirements is a challenge. MECO Engineering brings engineers of considerable experience and acumen to deal with our challenges. Engineers of noted professional standing, specifically, Jerry Lane lead in allowing Boonville to meet challenges.

MECO Engineering has provided a full range of surveying, mapping and civil engineering services. Varied projects including; stormwater improvements, street complete rebuilds, street paving, water and sewer line new construction and replacement, sanitary sewer lift stations, water pressure booster pump station and elevated water tank, water and wastewater plant improvements, building structural evaluation, residential and commercial development review for planning and zoning, municipal planning mapping services.

“Responsiveness”; when called on in an emergency or critical situation MECO Engineering is ready with the most talented and experienced staff to solve the problem

MECO Engineering understands the paper jungle of state and federal grant administration.

The surveying services provided by MECO Engineering are known for attention to detail and accuracy. Those surveying services have set a high benchmark to which City of Boonville gage all other surveyors.

“Confidence”; inspection services provided by MECO Engineering instill confidence in the client. The City of Boonville’s interest are fully attended to during the construction of a project, no matter how complicated.

M. L. Cauthon III, Director of Boonville Public Works